Bridging Loan Calculator

Please use our bridging loan calculator to work out what you could potentially borrow!

Indicative quotation
Total Security Value [1] £250,000.00
Net Loan Amount [2] £100,000.00
Retained Interest Period [3] 6 months
Net LTV [4] 40.80%
Interest Rate [5] 0.55%
Total Arrangement Fee (2%) £2,000.00
Interest Retained £3,412.62
Gross Loan Amount £105,412.62

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  1. Total value of the property the loan is secured against
  2. The loan amount you need to be available to you
  3. The number of months that interest accrues
  4. Loan to Value
  5. Monthly interest rate (indicative)

Please note, this is an indicative calculator. The figures displayed are subject to the lender's approval and due diligence.