Development Exit Finance

Do you have a project close to or at Practical Completion? Consider development finish & exit finance which allows you to repay your existing facility whilst buying some much needed time to sell the units.

Competitive interest rates from 0.54%* (subject to change)
Up to 75% LTV*
Loan up to £15 million*

* Subject to lender criteria, individual circumstances and underwriting / valuation assessment.

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We know how to make a good exit

Are you close to or at Practical Completion? It's becoming increasingly popular amongst experienced developers to take advantage of structuring a financial deal at this stage, to exit in the best possible manner.

Now may be the best time to switch up your strategy for:

Sales period finance

You need time to sell the properties. Your development lender may not be willing to give you this, or is charging you a punitive amount for the time you need.

Withdraw some capital

You wish to withdraw some of the capital you originally invested now you have completed the build of the site. This may be for a variety of reasons; nevertheless; the most common, is to deploy your scarce capital into a new development.

All things being equal, the faster you redeploy your scarce capital the more your money will work for you.

Expected sales during the term

Any expected sales during the term of the loan can be factored into cash flow modelling; in order to ensure, no minimum interest period charges.

Development finance can be expensive

Alternatively, where development finance can be expensive, development exit finance can be used to reduce finance costs to a lower rate. This is becoming increasingly popular as rates drop.

Key terms

  • Interest Rates from 0.54% per month
  • Maximum LTV of 75%, based on MV
  • No Exit Fees
  • Retained, rolled interest, or serviced interest
  • Adverse credit considered on a case by case basis
  • No minimum size, maximum size £15 million

Why choose us?

Access to more lenders

Access to a wide range of specialist lenders and the experience to get you a highly competitive rate.

Property professionals

We specialise in bridging loan and development finance cases so you can rely on an innovatively structured deal.

Fast, expert service

We liaise with all involved on your behalf to ensure deadlines are met and drawdown is made in a timely manner.

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