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0.51% pa

* Subject to lender criteria, individual circumstances and underwriting / valuation assessment.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or any other debt secured on it.

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95% Loan To Value Mortgages (LTV)

An increasing number of 95% Loan to Value Mortgages are available from mortgage lenders. Typically, these are for first time buyers.

LTV mortgages are the highest exposure for mortgage lenders in terms of the loan to value. As a result, the mortgage lenders often impose a tougher credit scoring approach. It is quite typical for a mortgage lender to restrict the income multiples. Therefore, it is common for a larger mortgage advance to be available based on an applicant’s income for the same lender with a bigger deposit.

Additionally, to the standard 95% mortgage for property purchases, there are mortgages with parental guarantees. Today, 95% LTV Mortgages are available for remortgages.

Remortgage Interest Rates

Are you paying too much for your current mortgage? Maybe your initial mortgage term is coming to end and your interest rate is reverting to the banks standard variable rate?

We can help you with your remortgage, whether:

  • You want to complete and remortgage £ for £ for the best rate or
  • You want to raise capital and release money for any legal reason

Remortgages are typically faster than a mortgage when you purchase a property. This is simply because you have no other third parties involved.

The Teal Finance Promise

If you would be better off staying with your current lender, we will tell you! Depending on your mortgage lender, we may even be able to help you stay with your existing lender by arranging a cheaper mortgage with them. We could potentially transfer your existing mortgage to a new mortgage product for a cheaper rate.

Let Teal Finance find your remortgage best rates. We promise to try and make it as easy as we can – it’s better for everyone!

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We specialise in bridging loan and development finance cases so you can rely on an innovatively structured deal.

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